Restaurant / Kitchen Hood Testing2015-06-06T17:02:59+00:00


  • Balancing restaurant kitchen exhaust systems is a complex procedure. Out-of-Balance kitchen exhaust systems can eliminate comfort for patrons, raise operating costs and make employees unhappy. Restaurants are prone to depressurized situations because grease filters in kitchen hoods damage over time, which can cause higher than a design exhaust airflow, and air filters in rooftop units and in evaporative coolers get plugged over time causing lower than design make-up air. Equipment belts also need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Diffusers, filters and controls that are also part of the system move proper amounts of exhaust and makeup air in and out of a building to carry out unwanted heat, smoke, grease and steam. Reblancing is needed anytime equipment is moved, new kitchen hoods are added or if there is restaurant expansion.